In the world full of competition there was a small town boy from talegaon dhamdhere who dreamed to live his life with passion, playing small games such as catapult was his first step of archery and how he became an international player is a huge journey. In the game of archery the leading girl is megha agrawal as well as in boy there is swapnil balasaheb dhamdhere. After higher education from talegaon he was introduced with chamle sir for practicing in his academy. He used to travel pune for practice, megha and swapnil were practicing in same academy under guidanance of trainer ranjeet chamle sir, because of hectic schedule of traveling, practicing, studies he decided to shift pune. Without disturbing his practice he acquired LLB degree and proved him in education sector. Looking towards his achievement in university, district and state level awards government honored him with shivshatrapati award.
In game you either lose or win, there was a big disappointment he faced in his first play and but his coach chamle sir encouraged him and leaving all his disappointment and worries back he worked hard and he won 6 medal in national level awards. Keeping role model to former Olympian Limba Ram. In 1992 Limba Ram was honored with national award. He participates 3 times in Olympic level competitions. Keeping his dedication and spirit in mind Limba Ram inspired me a lot. I never imagined playing small games and catapult in town will take me at this position and after gaining interest in this game has made me more passionate about it. Chamle sir guidance helped me a lot, his academy helped not only to concentrate on sport but also they focused on daily exercise which kept me fit, the guidance of chamle sir for playing in direction and out direction help a lot, practicing for bow handling in correct order, tackling with direction of wind, eye sights as well as health and managing all these things helps you to achieve your goal.