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Greetings from P Square Trips Pvt Ltd Pune !


Mr Pragat Padghan

BE in E & TC (Pune University)

Bachelor of Tourism Studies

With a vast experience of 8 years in Tourism industry !

BE In computer Engineering (Mumbai University)

Owner of Two IT Companies (Pune Based & Mumbai Based)


Mr Pavan More

Prime move to P Square Trips

We are a start-up in Educational Tourism , focusing on the Practical orientation of Studies !

We organise the the Industrial visits , Educational Tours with a moto of Learn and Fun ,with a vision to act as a pathway for the Students in choosing there respective fields and ensure that they have a broad vision about there career in future !

Classmates since 7th Grade of Army Public School focusing on giving the best outputs and share the experience that we have gained, because of the exposure in our school and college days

P Square trip is not limited for a trip of a Day or specific period of time , Rather we are going with a broad vision and multidimensional perspective with the Pre Orientation and Post Orientation of the Students / People going on a tour with the Educational Booklets where we give the ideation and overall presentation of the things to be seen and visualised so that it will have lifelong memories and impression on the mind of the very single individual joining the Group !

We ensure the one to one interaction of every member with the Market dignity and the Company to be seen. And thus helping them to shape the overall personality starting from tieing the shoelace to rolling up the sleeves, and sitting in the front to talking with the officials so that they can stand with pride and dignity in the market!

We are very keen to get the Inputs from Students , Faculties , College and Give our Inputs and act as Catalyst , as Booster to get a fruitful Output ! We believe in custamisation of the tours so that each and every induvidual can sense there own calibar , area of intrest and succeed in there own way and fly high with there wings of Dreams.