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In School programme we focus on the trips to visit and encourage students experience their future goals. e.g. Let them see the Manufacturing units, Production houses, Food industries, Acclaimed Hospital/Medical Institutions,Film industry, Defence institutes/organizations/exhibitions. We want the student to interact with the staff and people , industry experts , have QnA sessions for their queries. This will give the student vision to pursue their dreams, study focused to achieve the targets, get counselling/guidance to achieve their goals. Involutarily the student will be studying/practicing/pursuing the courses . We take feedbacks

Programmes for

Graduates Colleges

Graduates colleges stage student know what they are going to become. Engineer, Doctor, Reporter, Economist but where would they want to work . Let them see the industry, offices,job roles. Let them get inspired and astonished after seeing the manufacturing platns. Let them see the crucial decision making that goes in the job roles. They type of responsibility, number of people they manage. Type of lifestyle they live. This will make them focus in their graduation studies . To be in specific job role/industry at higher scale jobs and lot's more. We want to give graduates a goal to achive. Study focused to be that

Custom Trips

For All groups

We beleive in customised trips. Not all the groups are same nor the people . We take the opportunity to discuss it with teachers parents, acamedicians, parents, clubs etc to give them trips for their kids in specific career goals.. Let them see the stadium where they would want to do sports, let them be in a cricket match full of audience to take in the feeling, let them be in bollywood film studios to see actors performing, let them be in painting exhibitions to see the painters & artists. Let them be at defence institutions to feel that pride and respect that comes with uniform. So many possibilities are there. We would like an opportunity to discuss with you.

Memories and Experiences we cherished with students.